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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you need on our site, we recommend visiting the HydroSHEDS forum where users can ask and answer questions, look for advice, discuss ideas, and more. We do not have the capacity to respond to troubleshooting requests or answer individual questions, but will periodically share HydroSHEDS news and updates on this forum.

How do I download HydroSHEDS data?

What licenses apply to HydroSHEDS data products?

How do I cite HydroSHEDS data products?

How can I visualize HydroSHEDS data once I downloaded it?

What software do I need to use HydroSHEDS?

Are there tools I can use with HydroSHEDS data?

Can I use HydroSHEDS on Google Earth Engine?

Can I use HydroSHEDS for local applications?

What is the difference between HydroATLAS (or BasinATLAS, RiverATLAS, and LakeATLAS) and HydroBASINS, HydroRIVERS, and HydroLAKES?

How can BasinATLAS, RiverATLAS, and LakeATLAS be linked?

Do the rivers, lakes, and basins in HydroRIVERS, HydroLAKES, and HydroBASINS have names?

Will HydroSHEDS be updated?

How can I get customized versions of HydroSHEDS data?

How can I collaborate with or sponsor the HydroSHEDS project?

I sent you a message through the contact form, when will I hear back from you?

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