HydroATLAS (beta version)


HydroATLAS represents a global compendium of hydro-environmental sub-basin and river reach characteristics at 15 arc-second resolution.

The goal of HydroATLAS is to provide a broad user community with a standardized compendium of hydro-environmental attribute information for all watersheds and rivers of the world at high spatial resolution. Version 0.1 of HydroATLAS offers a set of 70 attributes organized in seven categories: hydrology; physiography; climate; land cover; geology; soils; and demographics. HydroATLAS derives the hydro-environmental attributes by reformatting original data from well-established global digital maps. The attributes are then linked to hierarchically nested sub-basins at multiple scales, as well as to individual river reaches, both extracted from the global HydroSHEDS database.

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Technical documentation

For more information, please refer to our current draft versions of the Technical Documentation and the associated BasinATLAS Catalog and RiverATLAS Catalog, respectively.


Data download

The data will be made available in ESRI Geodatabase format (coming soon...).


Project contact

For more information on this project please contact Dr. Bernhard Lehner